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      Vigil held 1 year after baby Elaina went missing

      Family and friends gathered in East Toledo on Monday to remember baby Elaina Steinfurth, one year after the toddler went missing.

      The grassy lot at the corner of Federal and Leonard Streets was a familiar location for those who gathered for the vigil. Those who assisted with the search effort, fund-raisers, and rallies for justice returned to pay their respects to the area that glowed under the flicker of candlelight during many vigils last year.

      Elaina went missing on June 2, 2013. Hundreds of community volunteers performed grid-pattern searches throughout Toledo for the next several months to help find the toddler. The search ended in September when police located the toddlerâ??s body in a box inside the garage of the home of Steven King. King and Elainaâ??s mother, Angela Steinfurth, were charged with the babyâ??s murder and accepted plea deals in December.

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      One year later, Elainaâ??s grandfather, Terry Steinfurth, Sr. said he is still trying to cope.

      â??Itâ??s hard, itâ??s nice to know we did get justice with the two being convicted,â?? said Steinfurth. He continued, â??Certain things just touch you off and you lose it and other things you just remember it and your happy with the memories that you have.â??

      The vigil was a time for prayer, reflection and rebuilding. After reciting the Lordâ??s Prayer, the crowd released balloons into the air from a nearby field.