Viral video shows group waving Confederate flag outside of Springfield HS

Officials at Springfield say the Young Life group that held the meeting outside the school is not connected with the district. (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza)

A video posted on Snapchat and then spread on Facebook is causing backlash.

Just before 8 p.m. Monday night, a group called Young Life was to hold a meeting at Springfield High School.

"Students and young adults were outside the high school...they were dressed in country attire because that was the theme for what they were going to do at the actual meeting," said Springfield Superintendent Matt Geha.

District officials say it was not a school sponsored event and not connected to the district.

The video shows people embracing the confederate flag.. and dancing with it.

One Facebook user also reporting racial slurs being used as well.

Derek Arnold is a local musician who lives just a few miles from the school and says the video at best, does not represent good values.

"To me it means nothing. I think it's been proven that flag should not mean anything...If you look at that heritage, should that be a heritage that you want to represent?" said Arnold.

Superintendent Geha says he's disappointed in the video and believes some of the kids seen in it are Springfield students.

The district is still trying to confirm that.

"I can only assume that they were. We were working some of our investigation still at this point. We don't just do things quickly, we want to do things right. If there are consequences to give than those will be given, if there's education to give that will be provided as well," said Geha.

Young Life Metro Toledo released a statement regarding the incident saying in part:

"Young Life is saddened by this incident and committed to all kids, no matter their race, gender, or lifestyle. We stand up against hatred and oppression of any kind. As a mission, we intend to provide a space where kids can experience a sense of belonging and encounter the love of Jesus and grow in their faith," said Aleesha Thomas, Public Relations Specialist with Young Life.

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