Volunteer firefighters come together in Rossford


The City of Rossford hosted the 143rd Northwest Ohio Firefighters Association Convention, the second time in a decade.

"This is our second time hosting it, our first time was exactly 10 years ago in 2007, it does help us generate a little bit of money, obviously, gives our town a great exposure to other northwest, Ohio communities," said Rossford Fire Chief Josh Drouard.

On Friday the Rossford Fire Station hosted a gathering of food trucks, a beer garden, queen's pageant and a Friday night parade of old and new school fire trucks. Live music also played throughout the night.

One unique food truck made it's way over from Lorain to showcase it's firefighter inspired food.

"It's not your average fire truck because we actually make food out of the back of the truck, we've converted it to do grilled foods," said Frank Griffith, a Lt. at the fire station in Lorain.

Perhaps the marriage of food and a fire truck was inevitable. Frank said after telling his wife he wanted to open with just a normal truck, she set him straight.

"She says no, you're a fireman, maybe you should get a fire truck and convert it over...I told her it wouldn't work and just one day sitting at work thinking about it and I said it can probably be done but it's going to be tight and it's probably going to be very expensive, which it was, but it's been a perfect combination," said Griffith.

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