Volunteers hope to bring closure to family of missing boys

The search for three missing Morenci brothers is moving painfully slow, with miles upon miles of wooded and open areas, as well as several ponds covered Thursday.

Officials have now focused in on Williams County just south of the Michigan-Ohio Border. "Cell phone tri-angulations came from this area," said dive master Dennis Wisinewski, referring to signals that came from the boys' father, John Skelton, on the day of their disappearance.

"Just based on that and the fact that someone saw the van come off the Turnpike at this location, that's kind of why were concentrated here," said Wisinewski. He is overseeing a team of divers, using high tech sonar imaging to look for any sign of the boys in several different waterways.

Searchers say its a shot in the dark, but they'll continue looking until all areas have been ruled out.

Sunday Douglass is one of hundreds of volunteers lending an extra set of eyes. "Clothing. Diffrent bits of clothing. Anything that seems fresh on the ground." Her hopes of finding Andrew, Alexander and Tanner alive have disappeared. "We hope that its a closure of being able to find the children, putting an end to this part of it so we can at least get an answer."