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Volunteers work behind the scenes for Marathon Classic Kick off

A Golfer takes a swing on the first day of the Marathon Classic (

Sylvania, Ohio (WNWO)--Thousands of people will head to Sylvania this year for the Marathon Classic golf tournament.

Brent Sealscott will see about 100 of those faces as a shuttle driver.

"Met met people from all over the world, Australia, Germany, England and it's just something new," said Sealscott. He is a shuttle driver for the Classic and is part of the of the nearly 1,000 people that make up the volunteers for the event.

To deal with the influx of people headed to the area, law enforcement is also working overtime. Sylvania Police a Department will have extra forces all this week working the event and also traffic.

Sergeant Danilynn Miller of the Sylvania Police Department is over security detail. "[We're] definitely expecting an increase in traffic to our downtown area and out west into the different parking areas."

Not only do volunteers just come from the community, but also from local charities. Susan Bosserman is the executive director at Double Arc, one of the 23 charity recipients at this year's Classic.

" I don't think this could exist without volunteers and also the sponsors," said Bosserman. "Marathon has been huge in trying to put more money to the charity pool and make sure not only the golfers, but the charities benefit."

This year represents a milestone for the Classic. "We're going to go over $10 million in money since the tournament started back in 1994," said tournament media chairman Jim Heller.

The tournament will continue on for the rest of the week. For a list of events and more you can visit their WEBSITE.

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