Vote like itâ??s 2012: Bring your iPad

Voter Planet app lets the user pick candidates they want to vote for and build a ballot.

During the 2008 election, the first generation iPhone was only a year old and Facebook finally passed MySpace as the top social network in the world. Four years later, more than 50 percent of Americans own a smartphone or tablet and Facebook boasts a billion members. This election will be defined by technology.

In fact, technology's influence is following voters right into the booth with the help of smartphone election apps.

"If you want to pull an iPad out, we have no rules. There's nothing in the state of Ohio that says you canâ??t have an iPad." Hamilton County Director of Elections Amy Searcy told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Verizon Wireless is researching the influence of technology on the 2012 election and finds Millennials to be the most connected this election season.

"Verizon has found 71 percent of 25-34 year olds who are eligible to vote have smartphones and tablets and they're using them," said Isaac Leese, Verizon Wireless retail sales representative in Maumee. "They're using them to stay connected on the go--they can even use them to stay connected in the voter booth. You can get up to date, accurate infromation on how to cast your vote as you're casting it. Those are things that four years ago, nobody knew about."

Leese recommends Voter Planet app for iOS devices and Campaign 2012 app for both Android and iOS devices. For state-specific issues, he said Ballotpedia provides an extensive look at local politics.

"Being informed is becoming now the most important thing in the elector, it's not just reading from a newspaper or looking at a newscast anymore," Leese said. "People can get that information from just about anywhere now and we try to offer our customers the best way to stay connected through the election season and beyond."

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