Voter registration down from four years ago


oth presidential campaigns need to as many voters as possible

, and that means potential voters to be registered.

Two things are guaranteed when it comes to politics, Ohio is a must win for the presidential candidates in November. And according to LaVera Scott of the Lucas County Board of Elections, the other is, "younger people tend to come out to vote. They're more excited, they register, a lot of them register earlier," explains Scott.

At least that second part was true four years ago. Just like then, the youth vote is crucial. But this year something's different at least for University of Toledo student Dee Rodriguez, "are you excited? No, I don't think there's any decent candidates this year, both of them kind of have bad qualities."

Rodriguez's roommate Morgan Beberidge echoes the same feeling, "most people aren't really impressed. I mean personally, I'm not impressed with the candidates," explains Beberidge.

As a result of voter apathy, the Lucas County Board of Elections has noticed an increased in voter registration drives in different places," a lot of voter groups, churches, various organizations that are attempting to register their people," adds Scott.

It looks like the added groups are working. According to the county board of elections there's 305,059 total registered voters for 2012. An increased of over 13 thousand people. But that's down from the last presidential election in 2008 when there was 317,036 registered voters.The board of elections says the drop is due to population lost and people who've stopped voting.

For U.T. student Desmond Harvey, he sees the voter groups often, "I've seen people outside of different resident halls talking about getting people registered to vote."

Early absentee voting begins Tuesday, October 2nd.