VP Biden talks fast cars, burning rubber, and the auto industry at NAIAS

<font size="2">Biden ended the trip back at his favorite car, the Corvette</font>

Vice President Joe Biden made an appearance at the North American International Auto show Thursday morning.

He was accompanied on the stage by the newly elected Detroit Mayor Michael Duggan.

The atrium of the Cobo Center was packed with people listening to Biden's stance on the auto industry bailout.

"I mean this sincerely. How could we possibly walk away from the most iconic industry in America?" said Biden.

He commended everyone involved in the comeback of the auto industry.

"We bet on American ingenuity, we bet on you, and we won," Biden said, referring to the crowd.

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Biden said the vice president isn't allowed to drive, not even his own car, but he says he has a bit of a rebellious streak.

Biden recalled when his Stingray had been fully restored.

"I said to the chief agent, I said look, either you get in the passenger seat with me or shoot me, cause I'm moving... I laid about 60 feet of rubber up my driveway, and the guys are still talking about, what the hell's the matter with that guy," Biden said.

After his speech, the Vice President paid an impromptu trip to the showroom floor.

His first stop was a brand new Jeep Cherokee.

His visit was a surprise to many visitors who just happened to be nearby.

Mark Dickey says he was just looking at a car when he was approached by a CIA agent.

"Sir, you need to step away, the Vice President of the United States is coming. I said 'Oh, the VP. Interesting,' " Dickey said.

Biden checked out the new Chrysler 200s and made his way around the floor to other domestic auto makers. He ended the trip back at his favorite car, the Corvette.

He tried out the driver seat of the brand new Stingray, then spent a while just sitting in a Canary Yellow Corvette Z06.