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      Walbridge officials: we won't spray for mosquitoes

      The mayor of Walbridge says mosquitoes have taken a bite out of the village's budget and now, to save money, the city will eliminate all mosquito spraying for the summer.

      Last month, the village council voted to end the practice due to budgetary restraints, but their decision is not sitting well with everyone. We spoke to residents of Walbridge who said they think village is just trying to pinch pennies, but Mayor Kolanko insists for what the village is paying, spraying is just not an effective practice.

      Paul Bauman, a biologist for the Toledo Area Sanitary District agrees with the mayor. When it comes to spraying for mosquitoes thereâ??s two sides to the coin, according to Bauman.

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      Bauman admits spraying is the only real way to kill adult mosquitoes but agrees with the mayor that itâ??s not the end all be all when it comes to controlling mosquito population. He said there are other effective ways to the control mosquito population without the use of spray, like mosquito dunks which kill mosquito larvae that form in standing water.

      The Walbridge administration is handing the dunks out for free.

      Mayor Kolanko says the village will do all they can to help residents control summertime mosquitoes--spraying just wonâ??t be one of them.