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      Walking dead invade Henry County

      The Henry County Health Department played into the idea of a zombie apocalypse on Saturday, by conducting a full-scale drill to immunize the entire county.

      The hallways of Holgate School transformed into Zombieland, as student volunteers donned flesh-pealing makeup and terrorized the community infected with â??Zombie Virus.â?? The infectious virus is spread through bites and contact with bodily fluids. Although the virus is considered by the Health Department as fictitious, the exercise is intended to be a fun way to practice handling a widespread viral outbreak or chemical attack.

      The county is able to conduct the mandatory drill annually through the federal Public Health Emergency Preparedness Grant. The Health Department must be able to accommodate the medical needs of the entire county within 48 hours of the outbreak.

      During the drill, both infected and non-infected people received the necessary medicine (represented with bags of skittles) and emergency supply lists. The public also learned information pertaining to the â??Zombie Virus.â??

      Officials with the Henry County Health Department will assess the results of Saturdayâ??s drill and apply any necessary changes to the future emergency preparedness plan.