Wallabies and Dingoes Arrive at Toledo Zoo for Wild Walkabout Exhibit


With the arrival of wallabies and dingoes, the Toledo Zoo's Australia-themed exhibit, Wild Walkabout, presented by Mercy, has taken a big jump closer to completion!

Don't miss the Opening Weekend celebrations, sponsored by BP, May 24 - 26. Wild Walkabout brings the fascinating natural world of Australia to Toledo Zoo visitors.

The adventure starts with a walk-through wallaby exhibit near the Aviary, enabling visitors to get close to these gentle marsupials. The exhibit features Bennett's wallabies which are the smaller cousins (24 to 26 inches tall) of kangaroos.

Near the wallaby exhibit, visitors will see a couple animals that look a lot like dogs. Dingoes, however, are only distantly related to domestic dogs, and living isolated in Australia has helped them retain many primitive characteristics. They have a much higher energy level than domesticated dogs, for starters, along with greater flexibility and athleticism. They also have a stronger self- or pack-centered mindset, and lack the inherent desire to please that domestic dogs have.

The Zoo will offer educational encounters with both the wallabies and the dingoes through the summer, along with behind-the-scenes tours that enable visitors to learn more about these remarkable animals and see them up close.

Dingoes and wallabies are just a couple of the Wild Walkabout highlights. A huge saltwater crocodile, brought to Toledo by Block Communications, Inc., is the center of attention in the Reptile House, while a colorful Great Barrier Reef exhibit in the Museum of Science showcases the intrigue of Australia's coastal waters. All across the Zoo, visitors explore the gems of Australia at their own pace, from kookaburras and cassowaries to bizarre stick insects, remarkable behind-the-scenes tours and up-close encounters with Australian animals. Details are at