Warden: Inmate escape drills critical to safety


When a criminal escapes out of jail or prison it's a dangerous situation for law enforcement and the community.

"If a prisoner gets out of this institution, we want to do what we can to get all the resources available to apprehend this individual," said Gus Harrison Correctional Facility Warden Sherman Campbell.

That's why staff at Harrison Correctional and local law enforcement teamed up to practice what they would do if this happened in their community.

While today was just a test for those in Adrian, the real life scenario actually happened twice this summer in northwest, Ohio.

Two inmates escaped the Sandusky County jail after taking advantage of an unlocked outside door in July.

Less than a month later, Paulding county inmate escaped custody while being transported from a Toledo mental institution.

That inmate was on the run for four days before shooting and killing himself.

Both of those situations put several community's at risk.

It's why officials with Harrison Correctional say they need to act fast.

"As a strength, the fact that we have a predetermined plan and we know moving forward that while there's some adjustments that need to be made overall, we know where our people are going to be," said Lt. Tony Cuevas with the Michigan State Police.

Local law enforcement had to be patched into broadcast today so authorities say State Police say they're switching to a 800 megahertz radio system.

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