Warmer with filtered sunshine Friday

We're kicking off the holiday weekend in pretty good shape this Finally Friday. A warm front will approach today and throw some mid and upper level clouds overhead, filtering sunshine from time to time. It will be a bit warmer with a hint of humidity this afternoon as highs get into the low and mid 80's.

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Overnight the warm front heads up into Canada and a very humid and warmer airmass invades. Under partly cloudy skies we'll see muggy overnight lows in the upper 60's.

Saturday will get hazy, hot and very humid. It's going to be a BIG day for outdoor fun and chores but one that is going to require a little extra care as we'll be getting into the Heat Stroke zone as highs get into the upper 80's and dew points get into the upper 60's. Combine the two and we'll see "Feels-Like" temps topping out into the mid 90's!

Be sure to take plenty of breaks from the sun and the heat, wear light colored, loose fitting clothing and stay hydrated. Better yet - find a pool thats still open or a friend with a boat. We haven't seen too many great, steamy pool days this summer - this is one! And don't forget about or furry, four-legged friends - access to shade and water for them all day.

We will see chances for hit and miss showers and t'storms from late in the day Saturday into the day on Tuesday. The most likely time for the widest coverage of scattered showers will be from Saturday evening into Sunday morning as a frontal boundary traverses the region. That cool front will make temps a little more reasonable for Sunday and Labor Day. Both days will be very similar forecast wise with partly sunny skies, a shot at mainly afternoon and evening hit and miss showers/storms with high temps in the low and mid 80's.

To recap your 3-day Labor Day weekend: Hazy, hot and very humid Saturday with highs near 90 and warmer heat indices; Scattered showers and storms are likely Saturday night; Sunday and Labor Day will not be washouts, yes there are chances (30%) of isolated t'showers, but for most - most of the time skies will be partly sunny with highs in the low and mid 80's. SO MAKE AND KEEP YOUR OUTDOOR PICNIC/GRILLING/FUN TIME PLANS, just keep and eye to the sky from time to time and adjust.

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Have a great weekend and be sure to protect yourself from overdoing things with intense heat and humidity Saturday.

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