Warrants filed for suspects who shoved, robbed elderly woman

Pierre Whitaker, 29.

Oregon police have filed warrants for two suspects involved in the aggravated burglary of an elderly woman on January 3.

Pierre A. Whitaker, 29, and Sarah E. Gonzalez, 24, are accused of shoving the victim, locking her in a bathroom and stealing more than $1,000 in cash.

The 72-year-old woman, who asked for her identity not to be released, was returning to her home at Fountain Square Apartments after withdrawing money at the bank when she felt someone behind her. The male suspect pushed her into the apartment and demanded the money.

She attempted to hide the cash under her bed, but the man picked her up and locked her in the bathroom while his woman accomplice raided the apartment.

If anyone has information about the whereabouts of Whitaker and Gonzalez, contact the Oregon Police at (419)-698-7064.