Washington Twp. officer returns to work after controversial traffic stop

The video captures Hart throwing a man's cell phone and pointing a taser at a man. Christine Lipper witnessed what was going on and filmed the incident.

WARNING: Video contains strong language

The Washington Township police officer whose actions raised questions of police brutality during a traffic stop has returned to work following an investigation.

Washington Police Officer Eric Hart remained on a paid leave in September after video of an incident went viral.

The video captures Hart pointing a taser at a man and woman and throwing the man's cell phone.

WATCH: The woman in the video claims she was harassed when the officer smashed her cell phone. (Video credit: Christine Lipper) WARNING: Video above contains strong language

The police report indicates the man in the video, Aaron Tatkowski, pulled up and starting shouting at the officer while Hart explained to the driver that the woman would be cited.

Tatkowski said the officer could have handled the situation differently.

"People learn from their mistakes and I'm hoping this officer learns from his because he could have easily pulled the trigger on somebody, with the rage that he had," said Tatkowski.

However, WNWO spoke to people in the neighborhood who defended Hart's actions, saying the incident was an exaggeration. Tom and Tamara Winkelman said Hart is a good guy who is keeping the neighborhood safe.

According to Washington Police Chief Christopher Kaiser said no criminal charges have been filed. Hart went back to work Oct. 10 after receiving additional training and a reprimand.

Kaiser called his actions, "not professional."