Watch 'Christmas Song' video, support local charity

A local performer, with some help from a local community college, has found a way to help an area charity through the gift of song.

Singer/Songwriter David Gabel had recently penned "Christmas Song"...and when he heard of the efforts of Fremont, Ohio based Village House, he decided to put the song to good use.

With some help from the Terra Community College Video Club, a video performance of the song was created. Now every time someone "views" the video...a monetary donation to Village House gets a little bigger.

The 501c3 charity's mission is to assist and support the children of Sandusky County, Ohio, and also those in surrounding communities, who have been affected by abuse, neglect, divorce, or separation, in rebuilding their family relationships.

The goal of Village House is to provide a comfortable, home-like environment for children who are required to have supervised visitations with their family members.

They are also available as a neutral location for supervised exchanges, drop-off or pick up for families with custody arrangements...and even provide parental counseling for families in need.

Village House operates, primarily, on grants and donations...and does not receive state or federal monies.

A link to the video is provided HERE.

For more information on Village House is available at the link below.