WATCH: Explosion takes down Cedar Pointâ??s Space Spiral

The Space Spiral falls.

Just as the sun rose Wednesday, Cedar Point bid farewell to a 47-year-old attraction to make room for a new record-breaker: GateKeeper.

Cedar Point crews used around 10 pounds of explosives to force the 330-foot "Space Spiral" tower to fall. The ride was closed on Aug. 14 to prepare for demolition.

Space Spiral opened to riders in 1965. Cedar Point will pay tribute to the attraction by including pieces in the Cedar Point Ride Graveyard during HalloWeekends this fall. Space Spiral will rest in peace with the Rotor, Pirate Ride, Earthquake and Frontier Lift.

Cedar Point officials announced plans for the GateKeeper last month, which will be the longest and tallest "winged" coaster in the world when it opens in May 2013.

Watch: GateKeeper ride POV