Watch out for the Granny Scam

Protect yourself and your family from the Granny Scam.

Grandparents beware! If you get a frantic call from your grandchild and a plea for money, you may be a target for trouble. The Better Business Bureau says many senior citizens are falling into a trap.

Dick Eppstein of the Toledo Office says, "Typically what happens is an elderly person gets a call from someone that pretends to be their grandchild. They may just start out by saying 'Grandma, I need help!' and not even say the child's name. But the person receiving the call will automatically think it is a family member." He says the caller will ask the victim to wire money to them right away. Eppstein says that should be your first clue that it is trick.

His advice is to take down the information and try to get a phone number. But don't wire the money unless you check with other family members about their child's situation.