WATCH: UT scuba divers submerge to break world record

UT's scuba team is trying to beat the world record for the Longest Continuous Dive in an Enclosed Environment.

Flippers, wet suits, and goggles in hand, a group of divers at the University of Toledo have taken to the water with hopes of breaking a world record.

The divers plan to remain submerged until just after midnight next Tuesday in order to claim the title of the "Longest Continuous Dive in an Enclosed Environment."

UTâ??s scuba club and other scuba enthusiasts make up the 25 divers participating in the challenge. But switching off between divers isnâ??t making the task any easier.

To set a world record, they'll have to stay underwater for seven days. The current record is six days and 21 hours.

Watch the livestreaming video here: