Watching the game with an OSU family

Toledo's Ohio State fans have gathered in living rooms and sports bars to watch the BCS Championship Game. NBC 24 watched the game with family of one Buckeye wide receiver. With the first Ohio State touchdown, relatives of freshman wide receiver Dane Sanzenbacher were overjoyed. His uncle, Kevin Kitz, says they could see Sanzenbacher's talent back when he was small.

You know, you watch this kid grow up, you think about all the times you just wanted to kill him, and thank god he's so fast, because I just couldn't catch him, Kitz says.

Kitz has watched Sanzenbacher's achievements on the football field.

He caught the first touchdown of the season, he says, he runs a very good route, which is what I think Tressel sees in him and I guess his high school coaches would say the same thing.

Sanzenbacher's aunt, Lori Kitz, says she spoke with Dane TMs mother.

She says it's wonderful, the city's wonderful, they're having a wonderful time, she says, the players have all been low-key, they're all doing their workouts. She said she thought dane got to go down bourbon street and he's hanging out with Brandon Saine, who's another freshman from Piqua.

And Kevin Kitz has some simple advice for his nephew: Don TMt drop the ball, keep you head on a swivel and keep running down the field. That's all I can say.

Regardless of how tonight's game ends, Sanzenbacher's relatives still expect to see three more great years of football from their family hero. Dane Sanzenbacher was a standout athlete on his high school team. Sanzenbacher was ranked as the thirteenth overall prospect in Ohio. At Central Catholic High School, he finished his senior season with 61 receptions for more than a thousand yards and eleven touchdowns.