Waterville church at odds with village officials over water and sewer

It was a packed house at Monday nightâ??s Waterville village council meeting.

In a room meant to hold only 60 people, nearly 100 were there to hear about the villageâ??s dispute with Fallen Timbers Community Church.

Reverend Jeff Wheeland, the congregationâ??s senior pastor and a veteran of the Iraq war, spoke on behalf of the church at the meeting.

â??We already have the water and sewer ...why do we need more water and sewer,â?? Wheeland said.

Currently, the churchâ??s water and sewer services are furnished by the village of Whitehouse.

Wheeland says that several years ago, when the church was first built, they were looking to obtain water and sewer services and contacted both Waterville and Whitehouse.

Fallen Timbers Community Churchâ??s senior pastor says only Whitehouse responded.

â??As a citizen, I find it hurtful when you write a letter and people donâ??t respond,â?? Wheeland said.

Now several years later, the area around the church is expanding and Waterville is looking to bring water and sewer services to the area.

â??Itâ??s between Waterville and Whitehouse where our lines are drawn and the church sits on a piece of property in Waterville and Whitehouse,â?? said Waterville Mayor Lori Brodie.

But Wheeland doesnâ??t think the congregation should have to pay for the construction since they already have the services they need.

â??They had the opportunity six years ago to provide that,â?? Wheeland said.

During the meeting, many of those on the Waterville village council thanked Wheeland for bringing the issue to their attention.

Mayor Brodie also promised Wheeland that the issue would be addressed with council members during an executive session.

She did not give a timetable as to when a decision would be made.

Wheeland says the church has already hired an attorney but has not filed a lawsuit.

The pastor says they are hopeful theyâ??ll be able to come to a resolution out of court.