Waterville neighbors react to home invasion murder

As authorities continue to investigate the murder of 34-year-old James Safadi, neighbors in Waterville say their sense of security has been compromised.

â??I have no recollection of anything this big happening in 26 years,â?? said neighbor Sandi Ducay. She continued, â??Itâ??s kind of unbelievable to think someoneâ??s been murdered right across the street from you.â??

Authorities are seeking three black male suspects. All were described as wearing black clothing and masks when Safadi was shot multiple times around 6 a.m. Saturday morning. Safadiâ??s girlfriend told police she was unharmed during the home invasion, as she escaped into a bathroom and dialed 9-1-1.

Waterville police says it will continue patrolling neighborhoods as normal while authorities investigate. Neighbors still say theyâ??re taking precautions.

â??I turned all my lights on outside last night, I made sure all the doors are locked and things like that that Iâ??m not normally worried about,â?? said Chris Kudlak. She does take comfort in believing the home invasion was not a random burglary.

â??My son is a police officer, so I talked to him about it,â?? Kudlak added. â??He said if itâ??s a home invasion 90 percent of the time itâ??s related to drugs, so Iâ??m suspecting it could have been something like that.â??

Ducay shares a similar opinion.

â??If I thought it was a random act, just they chose that house, Iâ??d be a little more worried,â?? said Ducay. â??But I feel weâ??re pretty protected.â??

An autopsy on James Safadiâ??s body is scheduled for Monday.