Waving bear proves they can be friendly

Photo Credit: YouTube

If you TMre planning on traveling this holiday season, why not pay a visit to some friendly bears?

A brown bear at Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, Washington has quickly become a fan favorite on YouTube garnering several million views.

In numerous videos , taken of what appears to be the at least two animals that can perform the trick, one or more of the Kodiak bears are seen waving at patrons of the park.

While the talent is quite impressive, and human-like, the bears may not be as naturally gifted as you might think.

According to its own website, the Olympic Game Farm has worked exclusively for Walt Disney Studios for 28 years|After the death of Walt and Roy Disney, Disney Studios began to move away from the nature films that had been so dear to Walt TMs heart.

Now the public is allowed to pay a visit the animals, and if you TMre lucky you can get the bears on the property to wave at you.