'Weather' or not: Handful of schools delay Wed. classes

With below zero temperatures forecast for Wednesday, a handful of local school districts have decided to delay the start of classes on Jan. 22.

By 8:00 p.m., on Tuesday, 6 districts had already decided to push back the start time for schools on Wednesday.

Genoa, Eagle Academy Secondary, North Central, North Pointe Academy and Pettisville have all elected to start classes on a two hour delay on Wednesday.

Students at Pettisville Christian Preschool are being asked to report to class an hour later than usual on Wednesday.

Toledo Public Schools, who already had a 2-hour delay scheduled for Wednesday, issued a reminder to staff considering that other districts might delay school due to wind-chill concerns.

Spokeswoman Patty Mazur said that even if other districts implement delays due to the cold, on Wednesday, TPS staff should still report on time.

The note was made because unlike a 2 hour weather delay, where staff would report when students do, the planned delay required staff to report on time.

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