Website to keep trick-or-treaters away from sex offenders

The Lucas County Sheriff's Office calls it a sphere of influence.

Where they go to school, where they walk their dog, where the kids play in the park, said Lieutenant Greg Wojciechowski of the Lucas County Sheriff TMs Office.

With over 800 registered sex offenders in Lucas County, you might be surprised about how many are in your neighborhood.

Wojciechowski is recommending to every parent who will take their kids trick or treating this Halloween, to type in your address, check your sphere of influence, and make sure your children don't knock on a sex criminal's door.

Wojciechowski says there are no Ohio laws restricting sex offenders who are not on probation or parole from decorating their houses and passing out Halloween candy.

It's up to parents, grandparents, and guardians, in any neighborhood, to keep close watch on their children.

Pinpointing your sphere of influence is easy.

Just go to, follow the links, type in an address and set your parameters.

A list will pop up of names and addresses to avoid.