Wedding bells for Bert and Ernie?

A petition urges Sesame Street execs to let Bert and Ernie get married on the show. / See-ming Lee (Flickr)

Many long-lasting relationships start with a friendship, but according to a new petition, Bert and Ernie's four decade-old bond is more than just roommates.

Just weeks after New York legalized same-sex marriage, advocates started a cyber-campaign pushing to let the pair tie the knot. A Facebook page called Bert and Ernie Get Married has more than 7,000 fans and the petition on boasts 9,514 signatures.

"In this horrid age of LGBTQ kids taking their own lives and being beaten for who they are, need to know that they're BEAUTIFUL," the petition reads. "Bullies that facilitate those tragedies be it verbal or otherwise should be taught that homophobia is NOT okay. Children and parents need to learn that acceptance of humankind, even puppets, would indeed plant a seed of peace that will reverberate throughout the universe."

Despite the campaigns growing efforts, Sesame Street execs maintain that the muppet buddies have no sexual orientation and are not lovers. An opposition page, "Bert and Ernie Should NOT Get Married," has close to 700 fans.

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