Wednesday marks the 10th anniversary of the "Blackout of 2003"

Ten years ago today the eastern half of the U.S. was crippled by one of the largest blackouts in history, a damaged power line in Cleveland started a chain reaction of outages leaving 60 million without power, even more left wondering what to do next it was a day to remember, It was a day many northwest Ohioans will never forget; Jill Hooton told us â??I remember thinking it was some kind of conspiracy or terrorist attack, it was scaryâ??. A sentiment shared by many; not even two years removed from the September 11th terrorist attacks, fears of further onslaught began to creep into the minds of residents.

Kevin Milliken was working for county emergency management at the time, he told us â?? there was no playbook for something like thisâ??. He said on that night, even the emergency crews were looking for a light switch. But despite the chaos, Milliken says crews were able to rapidly assemble, responding quickly to any problem and ensuring the safety of county residents. â??We had no loss of life or major injuries and we were one of the only communities for that to happenâ??