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      Weekend warriors: Mayoral candidates strong on campaign trail

      The Toledo mayoral race is nearing its end as the election approaches, and both candidates spent parts of Sunday on the campaign trail.

      Candidate D. Michael Collins knocked on voterâ??s doors in his old neighborhood, near Marshall Elementary School. Collins said convincing people to vote is a step towards restoring the neighborhood to its former appeal.

      â??This isnâ??t where I want to see this neighborhood four years from now,â?? said Collins. He continued, â??This is what I want to see developed, so that it can go back to the neighborhood that existed when I grew up here.â??

      Incumbent Toledo Mayor Mike Bell shook hands with voters while visiting several churches on Sunday. Bell concluded the weekend with an appearance at a charity benefit for the Anne Grady Center.

      Bellâ??s has campaigned to convince voters to stick with him. His main points are that he balanced the cityâ??s budget, hired more police officers and has brought more business to Toledo.

      â??I think weâ??ve gotten our message across,â?? said Bell. He continued, â??All Iâ??m telling people is that Iâ??ve got a record of being able to get it done.â??

      Voters will cast their ballots by Tuesday, and decide which candidate will guide Toledo through the next four years.