West Marine hosts boating safety day

Before you start boating for the summer season there are a few things you need to know. With National Safe Boating Week right around the corner one local business decided to get a jump start at getting people ready for the water.

Captain Don Dietz was hosting a Boating Safety Day at the West Marine boat supply store in hopes of getting those who get on board familiar with the rules of the waves. Basically we're trying to get people in the frame of mind that it TMs easier to go boating and have fun than it is to go boating and not come back, Captain Dietz.

Anyone born after January 1st, 1982 you're required by law to take a boating safety course to operate a boat. Each vessel should have a fire extinguisher and flare or other distress signalers on board.

So if you do get in trouble there you've got something you can signal people with. Regardless of how strong of a swimmer you are you TMre also required to have a life vest for every person on the boat and it has to be a coast guard approved life vest.

You should also get your vessel inspected prior to taking it back out on the water. Today during the West Marine boating safety, specialists were also on site to assist with checks, free of charge. They hoped that keeping things free would get more people thinking seriously about the risks and responsibilities that come on the water. Be careful the water can be a great fun but it can be very unforgiving.

For more information about classes offered on boating safety visit West Marine online.