Westfield Franklin Park considers curfew

The Toledo Police Department is seeking security solutions after a weekend brawl at Westfield Franklin Park Mall.

After meeting with Toledo Police Tuesday morning, the mall says it will adopt a zero tolerance policy in regards to disruptive behavior. The meeting was held just days after a fight involving dozens of teens erupted in the mall's food court.

Westfield must first discuss a controversial 7:00 p.m. curfew option with their corporate office before adopting the curfew for the mall's younger patrons. In the meantime, Deputy Police Chief Michael Murphy says that shoppers will see an instant security presence at the mall. "In the immediate future the mall is going to be beefing up their security inside and out with off-duty Toledo Police officers and also with their own private security that works at the mall. You're going to see an increase uniformed presence very quickly there," said Deputy Chief Murphy.

The mall's new Zero Tolerance Policy immediately presses criminal charges upon anyone who commits any criminal behavior on mall premises.

Westfield management and Toledo Police are expected to meet again later this week to discuss further security measures. By that time, the mall may have a final decision on a new 7:00 p.m. curfew.