What to expect with more rain in the forecast


TOLEDO, OH (WNWO) - There were multiple road closures across the area this morning thanks to high water, and more rain is on the way.

NBC 24’s Meteorologist Kaylie Spotts is live to tell us how the rising water levels could affect you.

A Flash Flood Watch is in effect until Friday at 11:00 AM. The additional rainfall means that the already-high water levels could continue to cause problems.

Andy Leitner says his running group ran into multiple washed out ways today at Sidecut Metropark.

“We had to turn back at a couple of different points," he explained, "where normally we have lots of access. So we had to double back, and even after doubling back we still had to change our course and run out along River Rd”

And that’s just the trouble faced by people on foot. Standing water on the roadways could mean delayed traffic times and having to find alternate routes.

“If it’s an area I’m not comfortable with," Leitner went on, "I will either go very carefully or I’ll turn around because I don’t want to end up floating somewhere or having to get towed.”

And that is exactly what the city wants to help people avoid. If you encounter flooded roadways, they encourage you to give them a call.

“Turn around," urges Janet Schroeder, City Spokesperson. "Take an alternate route. But do call us to let us know that there is a flooded street so we can send crews out to remedy the situation.”

In fact, the city already monitors areas that they know are prone to flooding. Schroeder describes, “One of the areas is over by the Bennett Park area, and there is another over by Drummond. These residents are very familiar, and we’ve worked with them over the years.”

And, in the terrifying event that you do find yourself in a floating vehicle, Pvt. Sterling Rahe with Toledo Fire and Rescue has a few pointers:

“Stay in the car as long as the water is not rising above the doors. Cars have electric windows and locks. Make sure the windows are rolled down. Some people think roll up the windows, but we want the windows down. If you have to swim out, go through the window.”

And even when you stay home, flooding can still cause major headaches. That is something Lieitner knows all-to-well after losing two vehicles to flooding back in August of 2000.

“While were standing on the porch just surrounded by water," Leitner describes, "a tour van came down the road, and just sloshed water up and down the street and flooded out all the cars. And we we’re moving out of state two weeks later. So we had two weeks to get an insurance settlement done and buy a new car.”

With more rain approaching, a few ways you can prepare are by cleaning out your gutters, checking that your sump-pumps are properly functioning, and using basic safety precautions on the roadways.

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