Where's Elaina? New source comes forward, Grandfathers address 'jailhouse confession'

Elaina Steinfurth has been missing since June 2nd.

On Friday and over the weekend there were several false alarms that the body of an 18-month-old East Toledo toddler, missing for three weeks, had been found.

Since Elaina Steinfurth's disappearance, on June 2nd, police have been tracking down every lead as several sources have come forward with information about the hours just before and after the toddler was last seen.

On Monday evening, former prosecutor Nancy Grace told her HLN audience that another tipster had come forward and told police she had seen baby Elaina and her mother, Angela Steinfurth, the same day she vanished.

Although the source was not named, Grace said the tipster spotted the mother and daughter at a gas station where the informant worked.

She claims that she knew it was the pair because Angela had worked at the Stop-and-Go, where the spotting is alleged to have happened.

Authorities could not be reached for comment, Monday night, to verify that this report occurred or to comment on if Angela Steinfurth had once been employed at the Toledo gas station.

Grace added that despite the new information, the eyewitness could not prove what she saw because the surveillance video at the gas station was not working that day.

Last Friday another account surfaced, claiming that Angela was partially responsible for Elaina's disappearance.

In an interview, with the sister of a woman who claimed to be a cell-mate of Elaina's mother, the source alleged that Angela played a part in disposing Elaina's body into the Maumee River. LISTEN TO AUDIO FROM THE TOLEDO FREE PRESS'S INTERVIEW.

Both of Elaina's grandfather's addressed that report, in their interview with Nancy Grace, on Monday night.

"I heard that but I don't think its true. That's just people talking...Let's see some proof," Angela Steinfurth's Step-Father Richard Schiewe said.

"I'm taking it with a grain of salt. Until the police can tell me that its definitely true or not true, I'm going to let it go as a rumor," Baby Elaina's paternal grandfather Terry Steinfurth, Sr. said of the story.

In previous interviews, Schiewe has said that he believe too much time had passed for Elaina to still be alive.

However, Steinfurth says he and his son are still holding out hope that she is alive.

Searches for Elaina begin each day at 10 am and volunteers gather at the corner of Leonard and Federal in East Toledo.