Whitmer Panthers fined, forced to give up big wins

Leroy Alexander

The Ohio High School Athletic Association has come down hard on Whitmer High School's athletics by imposing fines and ordering the program to vacate all wins from two very successful football and basketball seasons.

Whitmer will pay $50,000 to the OHSAA and give up wins from the school's 2011-2012 football and basketball seasons. The Panthers will give up their 2011 TRAC football championship with the title being transferred to the Findlay Trojans.

The governing body of Ohio high school athletics determined the West Toledo school used an ineligible player, former football and basketball star Leroy Alexander, on both varsity teams during the seasons in question. Alexander transferred from Springfield High School in 2011. Playing the transfer student, who was instrumental in helping the Panthers win titles in football and basketball, was in violation of transfer bylaws, according to the OHSAA.

OHSAA commissioner Dan Ross said several other transfer athletes were investigated at the school. Ross said the issues the association found to be absolutely true without a doubt were the ones that they declared ineligible.

Whitmer's monetary fine will offset half of the costs associated with OHSAA's investigation.