Whitmer teen killed in crash, classmates plan tribute

A 17-year-old Whitmer High School student was killed in a 2-vehicle crash on Wednesday.

Just hours after a 17-year-old Whitmer High School student was killed in a crash, Wednesday afternoon, friends and classmates took to Facebook to organize a tribute.

"Wear pink for Abi tomorrow," Burt R. Parish wrote on his Facebook page.

Dozens of others sent their condolences to the victim, Abigail Perkins, and her family using the social networking site.

"Today i lost one of my students, The first that I am aware of. i can not express to you the importance of taking driving seriously. abi is gone WAY too soon. please, please, please be careful, i love you all!!! my thoughts and prayers are with Abi's family and friends," Eve Davis Johnson wrote on Facebook.

Officials say, just before noon, Perkins was driving along West Alexis Road when she lost control of her vehicle and was t-boned by another car near Yermo Drive.

Authorities say both Perkins and the driver of the other vehicle, 24-year- old Jessica Forche, were both transported to Toledo hospital following the crash.

Perkins would later die from her injuries, Forche was treated and released from the hospital.

In a Facebook photo from Perkinsâ?? page, the teen can be seen sitting on the gray Mitsubishi Eclipse involved in Wednesdayâ??s accident.

You can post your memories of Abi Perkins, or condolences to her family below.