Who feels pain more, men or women?

Women say they're hurting more than men.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how surprised are you that women reportedly feel pain more intensely than men?

Time reports that in the 11,000-patient study of electronic medical records, researchers found women indicated higher levels of pain in 47 different disorders.

Pain was judged on an 11-point scale, with 0 meaning "no pain" and 11 being the "worst pain imaginable."

"I think the most [simple] explanation is that women are indeed experiencing higher levels of pain than men," pain researcher Roger B. Fillingim told My Heath News Daily.

While the researchers aren't 100 percent positive why women feel more pain, past studies indicate that hormones could play a major role in the perception of pain.

Psychological factors weren't ruled out, but the study suggests pain systems could work differently in the male and female bodies. Ouch.

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Do you agree with the findings, or do you think psychological factors and societal gender roles play a bigger part than the study suggests? Leave your opinion below!