Who makes the best donuts in NW Ohio and SE Michigan?

Everyone likes a good donut now and then, and most everyone has their favorite bakery. You know, the old standby that you always go back to.

And for friends and family from out of town, an annual pilgrimage to get a dozen from the local shop can be a "must do."

Some will passionately defend their favorite as the best in the land...occasionally leading to a friendly argument over just who really makes the best stuff.

WNWO has decided it's time to settle that argument.

We want to know who you think makes the best donuts in our area. We'll compile a list...and then the contenders will go head to head in our first ever "WNWO Donut Wars"!

We'll be crowning a champ in two categories..."Best Donut" and "Best Specialty" donut. The latter to include things like jelly donuts, fritters, "cream sticks" and the like.

So here is how YOU get to tell us your fave. Head to our Facebook page and comment who you think is the best.

Or, hit us up on Twitter using #wnwodonutwars to tag your suggestions.

Even an e-mail to would be a way to let us know who you think is the best.

Just one thing though...NO chains! We want to profile our local "mom & pop" bakeries and pastry shops to recognize them for the outstanding creations they make!

Once we get the list together, we'll have a panel of judges do blind taste-testing to find our winners who will be crowned "Donut Wars Champion" coming up next month.

So wipe the "residual glaze" from your fingertips and get to suggesting! We're eager to settle this...once and for all!