Wildwood Preserve walkers allegedly attacked by stray dog

Metroparks of Toledo


ark rangers at Wildwood Preserve are on the lookout for a stray dog they say attacked a man and woman on a park trail Friday morning.

According to the Metroparks, two people were attacked by the stray dog, described as a large pit bull, towards the east side of the park. The victims were walking a dog when they were attacked, however their dog was not injured. The man and woman required hospital treatment.

The attacking dog was accompanied by two other mixed-breed dogs.

The alleged attack was announced to the public via the Metroparks' Facebook page.Wildwood Preserve is bordered by Central Ave. and Corey Rd., adjacent to Ottawa Hills.

Rangers from other parks, along with officers from Sylvania Township and Lucas County Animal Control, conducted a sweep of the east side of the park Friday in an attempt to locate the stray dogs. While they are no longer believed to be in the park, officers continue to search the area.

The Metroparks says animal control has set up traps in an attempt to capture the dogs. No word on what the traps entail. The parks' service says the Lucas County Dog Warden's office is involved.

The east entrance to the park, closest to Corey Rd., and the trails leading to it remain closed until further notice.