Winning Powerball tickets bought in Arizona & Missouri

Unless you made a trip to Missouri or Arizona the past few days and stopped and bought some Powerball tickets, your chance of having won last night's $579.9 million jackpot is, well, zero.

Just minutes ago, lottery officials confirmed that two winning tickets were sold, one in Arizona and one in Missouri. An additional 8,924,123 players won smaller prizes.

The winning numbers are 5-16-22-23-29, and 6 for the Powerball.

According to MSN, the drawing Wednesday night for the Multi-State Lottery Association's prize followed 16 consecutive drawings that produced no top winner, boosting the Powerball to the second-largest potential lottery payout in U.S. history.

Tickets were selling at an average of 130,000 a minute across the United States in the hours before the drawing. That means players were buying 7.8 million tickets an hour, spending $15.6 million an hour for a chance at the huge jackpot.

Better luck next time, right?

But don't throw your ticket away just yet without checking it - almost 9 million players won smaller prizes.