Winter crisis program opens to the needy

St. Paul's Community Center is now opening up at night to provide shelter from harsh winter weather for the third year of its Winter Crisis Program.

The Winter Crisis Program begins at 7 p.m. every single day, but funding will only last until February 15. Additional funding through donations will be needed to keep the program open through the rest of winter.

Each client is welcomed with a cup of coffee, a nourishing sandwich and a hot bowl of soup upon arrival. A light breakfast before their dismissal in the morning is also provided.

St. Paul's executive director, Marcia Langenderfer, helped start the program after noticing several people huddled in the parking lot after the center closed. With icicles hanging from their eyebrows, she knew there needed to be a place for the homeless to stay safe and warm at night.

St. Paul's aims to provide support services to community members who are severely impacted by mental, physical, emotional or financial indigence. The priority population targeted for services at St. Paul's are people who are homeless and have experienced severe and persistent mental illness.

The agency serves the needs of the most underserved population in the Toledo metropolitan area. They provide targeted emergency shelter and transitional services to men and women with serious mental illness and people who are chronically homeless.

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