Winter sales slow for outdoor mall stores

Calverley is already planning ahead to a special sales event in July.

Winter sales are the slowest theyâ??ve been in years for some stores in northwest Ohioâ??s outdoor malls.

Levis Commons shut down for three days this winter because of Level Three Snow Emergencies. Store owners say thatâ??s partially to blame for slow sales.

â??Itâ??s been a little challenging. Last year we had such a mild winter,â?? Fiddle Stix Boutique owner Jenelle Calverley said. â??That was definitely the most challenging start to a year weâ??ve had.â??

Customers are combating the cold by keeping their cars running while they shop. Perrysburg resident Andrew Oliver runs from store to store as quickly as he can.

â??To have to come out and challenge the weather and drive through the snow,â?? Oliver said. â??Shopping indoors would be so much better.â??

Store owners say sales are already picking up, and they expect that trend to continue into the spring. In the meantime, Fiddle Stix is ramping up their social media presence. The boutique has been posting their new products on their Facebook page.

â??If they canâ??t leave their homes, theyâ??re usually on Facebook,â?? Calverley said. â??Theyâ??re usually on their computer.â??

Calverley is already planning ahead to a special sales event in July. She hopes in the summer she can regain what she lost to the cold weather.