Wireless carriers agree to warn of overage charges

The latest iPhone is available on several of the wireless networks that struck a deal with the F.C.C. / Source: File

Ever feel blindsided by a larger-than-life (or at least larger-than-expected) cell phone bill?

A new agreement between carriers and the Federal Communications Commission makes sure you won't feel that way again, the New York Times reported.

The agreement, which is expected to kick in within a year, guarantees customers nearing their monthly limit for voice, text or data services will receive alerts stating they are in danger of being charged extra.

The F.C.C. estimates tens of millions of wireless phone users are hit with overage charges each year, the report stated.

President Obama, in a statement to the New York Times, said: "I appreciate the mobile phone companies' willingness to work with my administration and join us in our overall and ongoing efforts to protect American consumers by making sure financial transactions are fair, honest and transparent."

Would you want to receive a text message or call if you're nearing your limit? Have you ever been hit with an unexpected cell phone bill? How did you deal with it? Sound off below and on our WNWO Facebook page.

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