Witness is positive she saw Angela and Elaina Steinfurth the morning before the disappearance

An employee at an East Toledo gas station says she saw Angela and Elaina Steinfurth on the morning the girl went missing.

A witness who works for a gas station near where 18-month-old Elaina Steinfurth was last seen has come forward stating that the toddler's mother came into her gas station carrying Elaina some time between 8-9:30 a.m. on June 2, the day she went missing.

The baby was first reported missing by the baby's father, Terry Steinfurth Jr. at about 2 p.m. that Sunday.

The witness, "Heather," did not want to be identified, but says she is 99.99% sure it was Angela Steinfurth who walked into the store. She claims Angela came in and put the toddler down to walk around the store as her mother shopped.

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Heather says she is positive of the identity because Angela worked at the gas station a few months ago. She says Angela only worked there for a few weeks, but would not have mistaken her identity. She says she worked with Angela every single morning for the weeks they worked together, and recalls that Angela was always divulging personal information about herself and her home life.

The morning before Elaina was reported missing, Heather opened the gas station at about 7 a.m.

The gas station does have video surveillance, but the day before the disappearance, the system was down. Heather says the store owner cam in later that morning and fixed the system. They later reviewed the tape, but Angela and her baby were not seen. According to Heather, this means that Angela came some time before the system was fixed.

Heather admits the fact that the cameras were down does cast a shadow of doubt on her report, but she could not keep the information from authorities. She says she filed the report the Saturday after the baby went missing, six days later. She did not think her information was relevant until more facts of the case started to emerge.

Police say they are not releasing any report made by "Heather," and are not commenting on the validity of the report.