WNWO Exclusive: Jim Blue travels to Philippines with local relief group

A medical professional from NW Ohio examines a child in the Philippines after a typhoon devastated the country.

WNWO's Jim Blue has arrived in the Philippines with a group of volunteers from northwest Ohio; among those in the group is Dr. Richard Paat of Maumee and several other medical professionals.

A pediatrician, a dentist, as well as experts in internal medicine and surgery will spend a week helping victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the village of New Washington.

The group will be working out of a hot open-air athletic complex where there is no power or internet.

31 duffel bags have also made the trip overseas and are packed full of medicine and bandages.

Before the groupâ??s arrival, there was only a handful of medical staff available for the 50,000 residents living in and near the village.

Jim Blue witnessed damages to houses, some with their roofs missing and scattered debris throughout the community.

No lives were lost in New Washington because of the typhoon.