WNWO previews October 7 mayoral debate

Two candidates vying for Toledo Mayor square off in a debate, Monday, Oct. 7

WNWO will play host Monday, October 7, to one of the final debates before the general election to decide Toledo's next mayor.

"Our goal is to get the candidates to respond to our questions, and respond to each other," says WNWO News Director and Anchor Jim Blue.

Jim Blue will be joined by WSPD 1370am personality Fred Lefebvre to moderate the event, which is expected to bring a lot of "fireworks," as Fred calls it.

Lefebvre explains, "Collins hasn't always agreed with the mayor, and when he doesn't, he makes it very clear that he holds the mayor responsible for particular things that have happened in the city. And Mike Bell is not known, as a firefighter or as a mayor, to back down from any kind of argument."

This last push will aim to bring all the top issues to the table, so the voters can decide. Safety, water and sewer rates, and the economy are just a few of the main topics.

Both men are Toledo natives. One is a retired police officer (Collins), the other a retired fire chief (Bell). The way they do things can often be polar opposite. It seems that when Collins says East, Bell can be expected to say West.

"Mike Collins is a little more particular, and will give you maybe a little bit more information than you expected," says Lefebvre. "The current mayor, Mike Bell, is very direct with his answers. He's not afraid to step into anything and answer a question."

The voters must back someone to lead the city over the next four years, and this coming debate will be a deciding factor.

Jim Blue says, "[There was] very, very little interest by voters in the primary. Now people are really starting to focus on the mayoral race, and this is a chance for them to really stir that interest."

If you still need help with your decision about who you want to run the Glass City, tune in to WNWO Channel 24 on Monday, October 7, at 7 p.m.