WNWO ringing the Red Kettle bell Thursday

WNWO helping Salvation Army Thursday / WNWO Newsfile

WNWO is lending a helping hand to the Salvation Army this Thursday.

Our news and sales team will be ringing the bell at the red kettle at The Andersons in Maumee.

We'll be out there beginning at 10am. Here's a list of who will be out there on Thursday.

10a - China Sellers, Rachel Baker

11a - Michael Henrich, Sam Weiss

12p - Jon James, Kristen Mori

1p - Norm Van Ness, Jodi Vogt

2p - Angi Gonzalez, Chris Topf

3p - Ryan Vetter, Vicki Scott

4p - Liz Reed, Beth Ann Manning

5p - Joe Galli, Amulya Raghuveer

6p - Hubert Wiggins, Laura Stewart

Once again that's this Thursday beginning at 10am at The Andersons on Illinois Avenue in Maumee.