Wolever fired from city job

Kevin Wolever / Lucas County Jail

A city fire inspector, suspected in multiple attacks on area fire stations, has been terminated from his job effective Tuesday.

Kevin Wolever, 32, was advised of his termination via a letter delivered to his residence Tuesday, according to Jen Sorgenfrei, spokesperson for the city of Toledo.

Wolever is accused of firing shots into Toledo fire station number six on two separate occasions as well as placing a improvised explosive outside a fire station on Lewis Ave. He is currently incarcerated at the Lucas County Jail.

Wolever was discharged for failing to appear at a disciplinary hearing scheduled for Oct. 3.

Wolever's discharge comes after he was disciplined by the department three times within a 30 day period. On Aug. 11, he was issued a written reprimand for failing to supply a statement from an attending physician upon returning from a Family and Medical Leave Act absence -- a requirement under the AFSCME labor agreement with the city of Toledo.

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On Sept. 9, he was disciplined for taking home a city owned vehicle without permission. According to the disciplinary report, he was contacted at home and he returned the vehicle that evening.

On Sept. 20, Wolever was ordered by a superior to check in before leaving for the day. Wolever left the station without checking in.

At the time of his arrest, the Toledo Fire Department was pursuing charges against Wolever for these and other violations. In a memo from John Kaminski, Captain of the Bureau of Professional Standards, Wolever had engaged in other acts of misconduct. On Sept. 12, he was photographed by a red light/speed camera traveling 46 mph in a 35 mph zone at Front and Main streets. He told his supervisor he went home to take a four hour nap.

On Sept. 15, he was ordered by his supervisor, Lt. David Stout to walk to 702 N. Erie St. -- two blocks from the fire administration building -- to conduct a fire inspection. Wolever chose to take a city vehicle. He never made it to the inspection. According to Wolever's account, dated Sept. 16, 2011, while he was en route to 702 N. Erie St., "A man in a pickup tried several times to run me off the road." Wolever went on to say that he was unable to complete the inspection. In a separate, undated statement, he wrote, "I went to the strip club."

On Sept. 20, Fire Capt. Allison Armstrong reported that Wolever had been observed in Lt. Stout's office, "looking through paperwork on his desk while A/Captain was not in the bureau."

Capt. Kaminski's request to pursue charges against Wolever indicates that the city's human resources department had scheduled a fitness for duty hearing for Wolever.

On Sept. 21, Wolever failed to report for work. On Sept. 22, the makeshift incendiary device was found outside fire station #18 on Lewis Ave. on September 22. There were also reports of shots being fired into fire station #6 that same day. On Sept. 24, Wolever was arrested after police allegedly observed him firing a weapon at fire station #6.

Kevin Wolever is the son of former Toledo fire chief, Michael Wolever. The elder Wolever was chief at the time Kevin Wolever was hired.

Nothing in Wolever's disciplinary file indicates he was a problem employee prior to August of 2011. What do you suppose caused him to act out in such a bizarre manner?