Woman finds feather in her McNugget

McNugget woman bit into to find feather.

An Indiana woman was not â??lovin itâ?? last week when she bit into her McNugget from McDonalds and found a feather.

Raquel House says she stopped at the fast food chain for a quick snack between errands when she found the foreign object.

â??I started to feel like there was hair in my mouth, and thatâ??s when I saw that there was white hair on my tongue; and I looked at my food, and there was feathers coming off the nugget,â?? said House.

She then took a picture of the feather sticking out of her nugget.

The owner of the McDonalds who supplied the chicken nugget sent out a written statement regarding the incident.

â??We take matters regarding food safety and quality very seriously and caution anyone from jumping to conclusions. Upon learning about this claim, we immediately began the process of collecting the facts. Our customerâ??s health and safety is paramount,â?? said owner Harry L. Smith.

McDonalds representatives are now trying to figure out which supplier provided the batch of McNuggets with the feather, and said they would like to examine Houseâ??s nugget.

House says she is hesitant to let the nugget out of her sight. There is no word yet if she plans to file a lawsuit.

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