Woman jailed after trying to carve up relative instead of turkey

Many people have their cooking implements out and ready to go the night before Thanksgiving. But one Toledo woman used her frying pans and kitchen knives for carving up her brother in law instead of her turkey.

Toledo police were summoned to 1542 Pinewood Ave. Wednesday afternoon to respond to a reported stabbing. They arrived to find that Aaron Calhoun, 25, of Toledo had been beaten with a frying pan and stabbed with a kitchen knife.

Calhoun went to the Pinewood Ave. residence to confront Taresa and Anthony Scott about information they had posted on Facebook about his sister. When he got there, he says that Taresa Scott hit him on the head approximately 10 times with a frying pan before stabbing him with a kitchen knife. Anthony Scott then punched him in the head.

Calhoun was transported to Toledo Hospital and the Scotts were transported to the Lucas County Jail, charged with felonious assault.