Woman says gastric bypass surgery cured her of diabetes


ould gastric bypass surgery cure diabetes? A woman in Adrian says yes.


im Ostrander will tell you for most of her life she was a quote "big girl." But she also had diabetes and when she heard gastric bypass to get rid of both challenges of hers, well she didn't believe it, "I didn't think it was, but when he told me and I seen the numbers on the paper, I was pretty flabbergasted. It was a good feeling," says Ostrander.


good feeling that allowed her to take control of her life. For years Ostrander tried the diets and workouts, but nothing worked.



t's the you-you effect. You go down a little, but you go back up. You go down, you go back up. And it was just at a time in my life where the doctor had told me that if I didn't get my diabetes under control, I was maxed out on all the oral medications and if I couldn't get my diabetes under control, than the next step was insulin and that scared me," explains Ostrander.



verybody kind of thinks if you have diabetes, you have diabetes, and that's it. But that's not it," explains Ostrander's doctor, bariatric surgeon Patrick White.

Dr.. White adds that success
at least depends on what type of diabetes you have, "type 2 diabetes is a lack of response to insulin. there's something that's blocking the ability of the insulin to work in your body. and it seems when we do this operation, we remove that block," adds White.



hite says for 85


of people he treats


their diabetes goes into remission. For the other 15%, their insulin intake is reduced. But this surgery requires a lifestyle change, "pop's a big thing you have to give up, which a lot of people aren't willing to do that, you have to make sacrifices," explains Ostrander.


or Kim, the sacrifice paid off. In 2005 she weighed 309 pounds. Now, she's 180 pounds.


astric bypass is still not recommended for everyone and in addition to giving up certain foods

there's psychiatric evaluations that are required.


's doctor adds she's expected to lose more weight over the next several months.