Women increasingly heading to gun range for fun and protection

Dozens of ladies showed up at the most recent "Ladies Night" at Cleland's Outdoor World

A ladies night promotion is nothing new in trying to drum up new business for any retailer.

But if youâ??re looking for half price drink specials or a reduced cover charge at the bar, â??Ladies Nightâ?? at Clelandâ??s Outdoor World is not for you.

The hunting and shooting sports specialty store has been hosting the gender-specific gathering, the first Wednesday of each month, for years but has recently seen a spike in interest.

"We know for sure there were at least 65 and some turned awayâ?¦That's way over, we had no idea what happened to us,â?? Theresa Cleland said of the turnout during Ladies night on February 1st.

Among those in attendance was Rosalind Welth, a mother looking for a little self-protection as her son is heading off to college.

â??I think women are just bolder now, where we need to learn how to take care of ourselves instead of relying on someone else,â?? Welth said.

According to a 2011 Gallup Crime Survey, women are not just interested in learning to shoot.

Statistics for 2011 show 23% of women reporting they own a gun compared to just 13% in 2005.

"Most of the women I talk to that are interested in guns is because the situation in this country is completely uncomfortable. They are not comfortable economically or politically,â?? Cleland said.

While self-protection is an element of gun ownership, others use it as a sport or as a way to relieve stress.

What do you think about more women attending Clelandâ??s Ladies Night? If youâ??re a women, are you interested in owning a gun and why? Sound off below or on our Facebook Fan page.